Everything is ready for your grand opening. You stocked the inventory and displayed your products to perfection. You trained your staff, and they are ready to answer any questions that come their way. When the time comes, you open the doors and hope to see a line of costumers. If a line doesn't exist, there might be one thing you are missing: an advertising banner.

You have all the right materials inside your store but you need the right materials outside as well. At Hightech Signs, we know the power of advertising with a professional banner.

Find the Banner that Works

When you search for banners in Salt Lake City, UT, you need to consider many things, including:

  • Weather: In cold or wet weather, signs need to use higher quality materials so they can stand up to the elements.
  • Sign Orientation and Size: Make sure to measure the area you want to cover. This will give you a good idea of the size and whether you should place the banner horizontally or vertically.
  • Sign Longevity: How long do you want to display your banner? This can influence its size and materials.
  • Attachment: how will your banner be attached?
  • Message: What do you want to communicate?

Consult with a Banner Expert

Businesses in Salt Lake City, UT use banners to get the word out about grand openings, sales, and other occasions. But, with all these options, choosing the right one for your business can be daunting.

Our banner professionals can help. Call us with your questions; we are happy to discuss your advertising needs and what banners will work for you. Or, click below to request a quote.


We offer banners for all occasions. Some of the banners you can choose from are:

Barrier • Pop Up • Sail • Feather Flags • PVC • Teardrop • Parabola Roller • Textile (banners and flags)